Hey God. Pay Attention To Me!

{A re-write of Psalm 13}

To the preeminent brilliantly shining Singer.

A Psalm of (David) Ron.

Now that you’ve set me aside, how long will you remain oblivious to me, O Lord?


How long must I keep propping up my grieving heart?


Pay attention to me!

Look me in the eye intently.  With that look I’ve seen before where you take pleasure in me.

Respond to me!

Enkindle my eyes like the early morning sun.  I’m dying here!

If you don’t, my enemies will gloat over me while I am shaken.  While I stumble, waver, totter, slip and dwindle.

O God, what am I saying!

I throw myself at your feet craving your mercy and lovingkindness.

Your salvation toward me causes my heart to spin and leap under violent emotion!

You have brought me closer to completion.  You are making me ripen.  I’m on the other side of the little death called weaning.

This is such a great place I think I’ll hit the road like a minstrel or a troubadour singing your songs.

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