“The Horses of Anahita” by William Morris

During a 2003 visit to the Chicago Art Museum, I’d wandered for hours viewing old and famous exhibits and was mildly amused until I saw this “bas relief.”  Tears burst forth and I didn’t know why.  For awhile, anyways.  Though the artists interpretation isn’t even close to my own, I am beginning to glimpse what was touched inside.

I see the image as revealing one horse in a sequence of evolving postures.  Let’s just say, I see myself as the horse.  The man running alongside, (the perfect specimen of worldly attraction and wisdom) carries a torch pointing down.  If it was pointing up, it might represent light or illumination, but since it points down, I see it as the opposite, namely, darkness.

His left hand exerts control on the muzzle of a partially emerged “me.”  Think control as in legalism, bondage, maybe even well-intentioned leadership and guidance.

The next horse has a different posture.  Slightly more emerged.  A sudden awareness of “freedom.”  An awareness of “Hey, I don’t need to place myself under that authority.”  Hang in there with me.  I’m not describing rebellious self-sufficiency here.  Rather, I’m thinking “redemption!”

Redemption transforms me as the final posture of the horse illustrates a new “me” having discovered something unique about myself.  Uniquely created.  Uniquely gifted.  Uniquely called.  Now fully emerged and thoroughly enjoying it.  Exploring its “horseness” if you will.

I fluctuate between all three postures.  When I’m at my best, I stop my posing and performing and start living out from my core understanding of who God’s created me to be.  This is  a halting and stumbling process.  I love it.  I love the relatively new perception of how powerful “art” can be to stir up good things in my soul.  Enjoy!

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