The Liturgical Dance

The Liturgical Dance

What Fellowship with the Father and the Son Looks Like to Me

In John’s first letter, he describes a fellowship in which he heard, saw and touched Christ. He invites me to that same fellowship. A strong desire rose in me, “I want that!” What does that mean? What does that look like since it seems like I don’t have the advantage of John who actually lived alongside Christ? In what ways can I hear, see and touch Christ? I’ll use the format of the liturgy to give some structure to hang my experiences on.

God Calls

An intense shiver noticing You’re near.
A thrill at Your presence.
A stirred hunger and thirst to see You.
Your whispered call to come close.
We exchange our loves.
Piercing felt lonliness dissolves. You abandon not.
I become intensely aware of my sin sickness.

God Cleanses

From a place of deep acceptance, I blurt out my sins.
I feel so naked and vulnerable.
A hand grasps my shoulder.
My advocate pleads.
My fingertips touch His wounded hands.
I thrust my hand into His side and know.
O to see. To hear. To handle my Christ.
Forgiveness promised.

God Consecrates

Life surges upward within me like water surges upwards in a tree.
Against gravity.
From a hidden source.
It rolls out of me and looks like worship.
I notice glory revealed in nature around me.
I’m in the picture.
I’m in the story.
I dance out my praise like the silage dances on the auger.
My vulnerabilities are shared vulnerabilities.
My labor is shared labor.
My prayers are shared prayers.

God Communes

I feel the hand holds on a rock worn smooth by clinging.
Christ. My Rock!
I offer up deep signs and groanings from the pain of circumstances.
Palpable suffering is shared.
Quiet like a weaned child.
No angst to demand answers.
Gentle knowing.
Binding together by twisting.
Tears of joy gazing on bread and wine.
Knowing I’m gazing on Christ.
Remembering Christ.
Shared weariness.
Shared courage.
A divine comfort like placing my head on the warm cow flank.
Eyes closed.
Rest deep.
We exchange our loves.

God Commissions

Affirming voice reminds me I was born to praise.
I practice “noticing.”
You reveal Yourself to me like stars appearing.
One by one by billions.
I direct my work, which feels like shepherding, to You.
I pray for transformation in me and the many.
Like changing seasons, it’s slow. Beautiful. Costly.
I pray the Lord’s Prayer.
I remember songs and Psalms.
I look for your redemptive ways in my relationships.
I stretch out my hands to receive your blessing.
Your face shines on me.
I watch for another sunrise with the anticipation of doing liturgy, again.

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