Gentle, Jealous Lover

“Hear my love song.

Kiss me with the kisses of your mouth.

Hear my praises.

Ravish your love on me.

Hear my heartcry.

Grow inside of me.

Hear my adoration.

Spill forth from me.

Hear my cry for help.

Quench my foolish lusts.

Breathe in the incense of my prayer.

Be my life.

Taste the fruit of my offerings.”

I wrote the previous blurb this morning, then, hours later find myself sprinting after selfish pursuits of an idol to fill my felt emptiness.  Once again unfulfilled and squaring up to my foolishness, a frail sinner bumbles outdoors to wallow in self-pity.   Yet, within moments, sitting in the shade of a tall cottonwood tree, I catch a glance skyward of a soaring, circling hawk.  Though I thrill at the sight and long to gaze, I only catch brief glimpses as the hawk appears, then disappears through small openings between branches and leaves for mere seconds before it vanishes into the powder blue canopy.

It’s enough!

Enough to remember repentance is a gift.

I do secret business with Christ, exchanging sins for forgiveness in a millisecond; exchanging wallow for wonder.

My tongue touches my lips and I notice the sweetness of His kisses remain, linger.  Consecration.

O what a Savior!  O, to be pursued by a gentle, jealous lover!

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine. (Song of Solomon 1:2)

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