When Love Comes To Blows-Christ Absorbs Them

(Poem inspired by Pastor Bryan’s message from 1Kings 20)


The Messenger Came.

I Killed Him.

Turns out, that’s an important part of the message.

He now lives,

So I can live and die well.

It’s a brutal, violent story, really.  Filled with deception, rejection, betrayal, love, hope, confusion.

My response to this story determines my destiny.



Strike Me!

Smite Me!

Says the Messenger who was the Message.

Pierce me while you’re at it.

Beat me, He says.

Beat me until your ears open.

I’m here for the long-haul,

The long-haul of love.

I’m here to absorb all you’ve got.

Nail me to a tree if you wish.

Pound away,

For in the pounding,

I will break your heart.

Your stony heart.

My Message cuts.

My Message punctures, penetrates, wounds.


Vulnerable, I came as a child.

You tried to kill me then.

Vulnerable, I am a man.

Mock me with your robes.

Disfigure me with thorns.

Spit forth your rage.

Laugh out your cynicism.

You’re killing me.

For I bleed with love,

Your life.

I live on.

Should you doubt this is true,

I pursue!

I pursue you again and yet again.

Thrust your clenched fist into my side.

That ought to do it.


Your hot tears streaming.

Precious tears,

Washed eyes and heart.

Self-deception known, then dissolved.

A contrite heart,

A contrite, crushed-to-powder heart

Has ears.

Ears to hear “I forgive.”



The Messenger

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