If I Were Abednego

Why me?

Crisis descends.

Why me?

Fires stoked thrice.

Why me?

Fires stoked thrice, twice.

Sheer terror.

Why me?

Such injustice!

Such crucible tries my weary faith.

Fires stoked thrice, twice, plus one.

Why me?!

Yet, what binds me, burns.

Eye scales drop as ashes,

And I see.

I see Another.

Unsinged, I gasp!

Unhinged, I grasp

The one alongside.

Saving me through,

Not from,

The furnace.

My complaint shifts to query,

Why YOU?!


(Inspired by Pastor Bryan Clark, sermon, Trial By Fire, Daniel 3:13-30)

Between Cherubim

My heart is on the search.

Taut cords emerge from intensely outstretched hands.

Yearning for intimacy.

More than the intimacy sought under every rock

As I lick the earth.

Then, my mind’s eye gets a glimpse of You!

In that open space ‘tween Cherubim.

Inviting me.

I recognize that Hand on my shoulder.

Taut cords once emerged in outstretched, nailed agony.

Now gathers me in.

Cherubim take flight.