Okay to Lament?


Got things in your life that are raw and painful?  Memories of events?  Unmet deep and legitimate longings?  Patterns of sin?  Loss or absence of a loved one?  Maybe just difficult everyday circumstances that make life feel like ‘wilderness?’  Yeah, me too.  Sometimes it’s simply okay to grieve.  Okay to lament.

Well, I have a friend.  Bill the ‘milker.’  We swap our stories and get alongside each other as we walk our paths, drink our cup.

Every Saturday morning, Bill the ‘milker’ milks the herd.  I show up later to feed them.  Somewhere around the barnyard (or when I was injured and couldn’t work, on my front porch) I will find a gift from Bill.  It’s a handful of the sweetest smelling grass hay that he’s plucked from the feed bunk and fashioned into a knot.  It may be covered with fresh falling snow, soaked in early morning dew, or tucked into a door handle.  I know what to do.  Something he’s already done.  I gently lift it to my nostrils, inhale, and remember.  Remember the Lord’s mercies.  A good thing to do in the midst of lament.

“It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed because His compassion’s fail not.  They are new every morning:  Great is his faithfulness.  (Lamentations 3:22-23)

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