Hi, my name is Ron Silflow.  I’m a hired hand on a Montana dairy.  Therefore, I’m a cowherd.  As I become more aware of Christs’ deeply wrought changes in me, I wish to try describing it to you.  I am surrounded with reminders of God’s presence afire in a barnyard setting. I am learning to notice.

Remembering is a powerful experience.  As I practice taking a Deep Breath of Remember, I hope to trigger your thoughts and experiences and draw them to the surface in a way that may surprise you.

For a glimpse of my background and shaping influences take a peek at “Cloud of Ether” and Half Marlboro Man, Half Monk.

My wife of 37 years, Laura, (Blondie) is the one in the photo trying to suppress her smile, but not quite pulling it off. We have three grown children and five, going on six, grandchildren. We attend a fantastic church in Bozeman, MT called Trinity, PCA.

We both love reading, especially reading to each other.  So, we started a separate blog to record our favorite quotations.  Sneak a peek at:  Quotes to Ponder

Your comments are welcome.

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